Encenada Beach : Serendipity at its finest!

For sun, sea and sand lovers, food lovers, party lovers and for people who wants to fall in-love, Puerto Galera gives you the easiest access to a perfect summer getaway.

Encenada Beach Resort - Beachfront

This island is deeply scalloped with snorkeling spots and coves edged in powdery white sand, the islands inviting coastline will give you a charming atmosphere you always dreamed of.

Situated on the northern peninsula of Mindoro island, approximately 160km from Manila, Puerto Galera (Port of Galleon) was an excellent port for Spanish Galleons seeking refuge from heavy storms and typhoons. Now that the Galleon days are over, the island become a world class diving spot and a perfect get away for anyone who shows interest in outdoor activities. Trekking high up over the sea-front hills shows vistas of sandy cove after sandy cove fading into the horizon. But the greatest attraction of this island cannot be seen from here. More than twenty world-class dive sites await those willing to put their heads under water, and the nationalities of the diving instructors reflect the main visitors; Americans, Europeans and Australians tend to dominate the diving stations around Puerto Galera. The cost of vacationing and diving is as good as it gets and beginners can qualify inexpensively on a three-day course. The scuba diving season in Puerto Galera is year-round, and going under water can be a good way to escape any rain.


Encenada Beach Resort may not be a five-star resort but its ambiance is more of a home, giving you the feel of being in Boracay a couple of decades ago. No noisy night bars, mobile phone connections are excellent. During night, the overlooking veranda type of restaurant offers not so expensive freshly cooked local foods. There are 36 rooms available, composed of ten nipa hut and twenty-six concrete cottages located in the main building. If you like island hopping you can hire a motorized banca and explore the nearby beaches or you may walk along the beach to reach the town center for gift shops, internet cafes and a couple of restaurants.

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