Encenada Beach : Serendipity at its finest!

For sun, sea and sand lovers, food lovers, party lovers and for people who wants to fall in-love, Puerto Galera gives you the easiest access to a perfect summer getaway.

Encenada Beach Resort - Beachfront

This island is deeply scalloped with snorkeling spots and coves edged in powdery white sand, the islands inviting coastline will give you a charming atmosphere you always dreamed of. Continue reading

Encenada Beach Resort in Puerto Galera

If you want to get away from it all, Encenada Beach Resort is the Puerto Galera resort for you. Enjoy the clean powdery sand beach which is perfect for swimming for the whole family.

Encenada Beach Resort - Beachfront

Encenada Beach Resort is very quiet, its a perfect place to read your favorite book in the beach front while enjoying the island music.